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Pinochle Card Game Winning Tips Guide for Players

Card games like Pinochle are a must if you need to pass time or simply if you want to work on those different strategies you have always wanted to use. This is one of those card games that you can also play on your PC without any hassle. It is free to download and the gameplay is fairly easy.




To win in Pinochle, you need to know the game more before bidding anything. There are two ways to play it – single deck or double deck. To effectively play in a single deck auction, you can do leg bidding and ace bidding.

Leg Bidding in Pinochle

A good and effective strategy in playing Pinochle is doing leg bids. If you don’t do this, you are missing a lot in the game. Leg bidding makes Pinochle exciting, fun, and will level up your way of thinking.

In this card game, a double pinochle consists of Jack of diamonds, Jack of Diamonds, Queen of spades, and Queen of spades. The value for a double pinochle is 30 in which each part is called a leg. So if you have these cards or even two or more legs, bid on these, especially if your partner also has a chance to bid.

If there is a leg bid by anyone and you have the missing leg/s, bid one more and not to jump the bid. On the other hand, if you don’t have such leg/s, that is the time to pass. Meanwhile, if you want to bid despite having none of the missing legs, you may jump your bid by two.

Ace Bidding

Another trick to do in Pinochle is ace bidding though this is not quite common. Those who are still beginners won’t understand and it won’t be practical to use ace bidding at the lower levels. Ace bidding can be done if you have a partner who is close to you and knowledgeable of the game or it may confuse him otherwise.

This tip can be done when you have all the 4 aces, but have a poor hand. So what you can do here is to jump the bid by 4. Your partner can then take the bid if his cards are better than yours. If you inform your partner that you have all the 4 aces, this means that he has a low chance in having many aces. Having 4 aces assures you of ten meld and 4 trick taking aces in the game.