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Pinochle: Learning the Basics of Bidding in this Card Game

Pinochle is a great game to play with friends or players online. This card game is very popular and lots of gamers have been playing it on the PC for several years already. This is because the video gameplay is convenient and easy. Also, you can test your skills and play against other top players online. The games are actually played to 150 points when the one who bids wins the game and if the teams end over 150 points.




Learning Pinochle entails knowing the card scores and how to do basic bidding. As you play the game more often, everything will be a breeze for you. Read on to know more about the elements of the game.

Knowing the Different Card Values in Pinochle

Pinochle has card scores or values that players follow. This is important if you really want to win in this card game. As for the card scores, the following has different values:

  • Ace – 11 points
  • Ten – 10 points
  • King – 4 points
  • Queen – 3 points
  • Jack – 2 points
  • Last trick – 10 points
  • Nines, eights, & sevens – zero points

On the other hand, we have the melds. They have different values as well. Players must be able to familiarize them well to win the game. Having enough knowledge leads to formulating sound decisions during the game.

Class A

150 – Ace, 10, King, Queen, Jack of trump suit (sequence or flush)
40 – King, Queen of trump (royal marriage)
20 – King, Queen or any suit (marriage)
10 – Dix (this is the lowest trump)

Class B

100 – Ace (all suits)
80 – King (all suits)
60 – Queen (all suits)
40 – Jack (all suits)

Class C

40 – Queen of spades, Jack of diamonds (pinochle)
300 – Queen of spades, Jack of diamonds, Queen of spades, Jack of diamonds (double pinochle)

How to do a Basic Bid in Pinochle

Bidding in Pinochle is essential to the game itself. This usually happens when your partner passes. So even if your cards are not good, never pass below 33. If you also don’t have a good hand plus your partner passed and opponents have bid, you can accelerate the bid to 38. Another instance is when you have 4 different cards in a suit, you must always bid once your partner bids.

If in any case your opponent has 140 and you have below 100, you can pass below 33 in the last-hand scenario. Playing Pinochle on your desktop PC is very convenient because the controls are pretty simple. The game entails more thinking before clicking so having a good strategy will help you win in the end.

To have a better grasp on this game, download Pinochle online and into your desktop today. The best part is it’s all for free! Happy playing everyone!