How to Play Pinochle

Pinochle is a fun card game that needs some strategic thinking and know-how of playing a deck of cards. It is mainly designed to be played by 2 to 4 players. The game involves sharing and creating melds (different combinations of cards) to score some points. Learning the basics of this fun card game only takes a couple of minutes and then you can try it out on your PC. The game is so exciting to the point that you won’t know that you have been playing for several hours already.




Dealing & Ranking your Cards in Pinochle

For starters, you will need the special deck which consists of 48 cards. Then, you have to learn and memorize the value of each card. This is because once you are already progressing, you will have these in mind already.

The Ace is the highest and most valuable card in the deck so having this will give you an upper hand. Then, once you have an idea of the values of the cards, dealing 12 cards to each player is done. Making a bid is the most exciting part of the game. Since after each round, other players can also raise the bid in increments of ten.

Laying Down the Combinations of Cards or Melds

You need to designate the trump suit in your deck after dealing. This predetermines the highest value of the suit during the hand. Then, you need to search your hand for those combinations or melds. At the end of the game, the points you get for melding will add to your final score. Next, you need to put down your melds and place them face up.

Taking Tricks & Scoring in Pinochle

When you lead a card for the first trick, the one in the trump suit usually wins. The other players must follow suit if they can. Then, you need to pull the winning cards from the trick and place them in a separate stack. You do this continuously until you have played all 12 tricks. After that, you need to total the scores of each player and check who has the highest score. The player with the highest score wins the game.

How to Download Pinochle

Playing Pinochle is so much fun that it will take long hours. This can even be more exciting if you are already doing it in the multiplayer mode. So what are you waiting for? Download Pinochle online today and install it on your PC right away! Here’s the easy guide on how to download the game. Just follow them and you’re good to go.

  1. Click on the big “PLAY FOR FREE” button to start downloading
  2. Once it’s done, open and run the program
  3. Start installing and wait
  4. After it’s done, the game will start installing as well
  5. Start playing the moment it’s done, happy bidding!